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28 July 2014

Europe Biodegradable Plastics Market to Grow at 12% through 2019

European Union’s target of 80% reduction in plastic bag consumption by 2019 coupled with growing consumer awareness to create significant growth opportunities for biodegradable plastics market

Grass Stains, Flip Flops, Water Fights… and Biotech!

Use of biotechnology sunscreens can eliminate some customer concerns and protect skin from a larger range of the UV spectrum

Branchenbarometer Biomethan für erstes Halbjahr 2014 veröffentlicht

Verkauf ins Ausland der inzwischen drittgrößte Nutzungspfad für Biomethan

Eco-pottery product from water treatment sludge

Malaysian UiTM project to reduce environmental impact generated by water treatment sludge, through a new management concept for reusing the sludge as raw material for the structural pottery industry

The ‘green economy’ can encourage jobs and innovation – study

EU target to cut greenhouse gases by 80-95 % of 1990 levels by 2050 will not be possible by solely relying on incremental efficiency gains

Achieving natural cosmetics with the power of enzymes

A EUR 7 million EU-funded project has been launched with the intention of replacing chemical cosmetic production techniques with eco-friendly alternatives

New EurObserv’ER Biofuel Barometer

First time ever for EU-consumption of biofuels to decrease

25 July 2014

Marktdaten 2013 für Bioethanol veröffentlicht – Neuester Trend: Preise für Bioethanol deutlich unter den Preisen für Benzin

Preis für Bioethanol gegen den Trend steigender Preise für fossiles Benzin seit Jahreswechsel deutlich gesunken

Composting key to soil health and climate protection, according to two new reports

ILRS launching 'State of Composting in the U.S.: What, Why, Where & How' and 'Growing Local Fertility: A Guide to Community Composting'

Dutch architecture firm claims to have created the world’s first “bio façade”

A Dutch architecture firm claims to have created the world’s first “bio façade”. The small building is clad with panels made from hemp and bio resin.

Construction starts on world’s largest Post-Combustion Carbon Capture project

NRG Energy and JX Nippon jointly retrofitting coal-fired power plant to capture 90 percent of the plant's carbon emissions

Vielseitig wie Holz, formbar wie Kunststoff

Simona AG stellt mit Simowood erste großformatige Platte auf Basis von Reishülsen und thermoplastischem Kunststoff vor

Global Biorefinery Market to Grow at CAGR of 8.93% over 2013-2018

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Biorefinery Market 2014-2018" report to their offering

Global Bioenergies: fermentation pilot received in Pomacle

Global Bioenergies announces today (22 July) the reception in Pomacle of the fermentation unit and its associated devices

24 July 2014

India: ‘Mandatory ethanol blending impacting chemical industry’

According to sources ministry conveyed that the compulsory blending of ethanol has resulted in its shortage and irrational rise in its prices

Egypt proposes $490 million in ethanol investments to UAE

UAE has expressed interest in investing in the country’s petrochemical sector

Carbios achieves a new key milestone in the development of its controlled biodegradation process for disposable soft plastics

Company to consider commercial applications on a global scale, including mulching films and packaging materials, food catering industry

Lesaffre aquire Butalco

Technological achievements will be commercialized on a global scale

Södra and James Cropper present DuraPulp

Swedish forestry giant and Britain’s leading paper and technical fibre innovators join forces to establish strong, durable and degradable DuraPulp in the international marketplace

Moving to the front

Why Tetra Pak chooses renewables?

23 July 2014

TOP Invitation – Bio-business workshop on CO2-based chemicals

BIO-TIC partners seek input from key stakeholders from the European industry

UNT researchers create new, stronger plant-based carbon fiber

New uses for plant materials like C-lignin marking great step toward replacing common petroleum- and coal-based products

Report shows biotech crop varieties continue to be preferred by U.S. farmers

Adoption of GE soybeans, corn and cotton is at 90 percent or higher

Can CO2 be a green chemical? Yes, when derived from biofuels and other sources

Thinking of carbon dioxide as a green chemical? What about the effects on the environment and economy?

Florida Institute funds US Bioplastics

Working with environmentally conscious partners for a clean industry

22 July 2014

TOP Mikroplastik in der Umwelt: Kongress zeigt Lösungen auf!

Die Vorträge der Veranstaltung sind ab sofort zum Download verfügbar

Velox: Vertriebsvereinbarung mit Composites Evolution

Biotex Produkte für faserverstärkte Kunststoffverbundanwendungen im Automobil-, Bau-, Meeres-, Sport-und Konsumgüterbereich

Ocean microbes display a hidden talent: releasing countless tiny lipid-filled sacs

MIT finding could one day lead to new approaches for manufacturing biofuels

„Welthunger auf bestehenden Ackerflächen stillen, Schäden für Fauna und Flora verringern“

DBU fordert Nachhaltigkeitsstandards für Landwirtschaft – Keine Lösung ohne technischen Fortschritt

Biobased companies take a closer look at sustainability

BIO highlighted for its sustainable-supply-chain initiative to effort creations of environmentally friendlier consumers products

Edeniq and Global Bio-chem to develop and commercialize corn stover to industrial sugars conversion technology

Unique collaboration will combine leading technologies into a low-cost, commercial platform for converting corn stover to sugars for chemicals and fuels

The economic benefits of sustainable forestry in the Mediterranean region

EU-funded project MENFRI: Mediterranean region needs more research, education and innovation in order to sustainably generate products and services that contribute to local economies

Genetically engineered spider silk fiber is now a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories announces U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has registered the company's Monster Silk® trademark

21 July 2014

TOP Das nova-Institut wächst – nutzen Sie Ihre Chance!

Das nova-Institut sucht zwei Experten (m/w): einen für industrielle Biotechnologie und einen für Life Cycle Assessment

TOP nova-Institute is growing - take advantage of your opportunity!

nova-Institute is searching for two experts: one for Industrial Biotechnology and one for Life Cycle Assessment

Waschmittel aus Sand: Wissenschaftler der Uni Kassel entwickeln neuartiges umweltfreundliches Tensid

Silanol-basiertes Tensid reduziert Oberflächenspannung von Wasser in vergleichbarem Maße wie andere bekannte Tenside

Bacteria: A day in the life

MIT study finds ocean bacteria follow predictable patterns of daily activity

API Unveils Renewably-sourced Raw Materials-based APIGO BIO TPO Compounds

API SpA launches APIGO BIO, a family of olefin (TPO) based compounds containing raw materials from renewable sources

PlantBottle Technology in the spotlight on Capitol Hill

Scott Vitters hearing “Grow it here, make it here: Creating Jobs through Bio-based Manufacturing."

FKuR: Kompostierbare Menüschalen für Italiens Schulen

Kooperative mit Plastisud entwickelt AORNCOMPOST Menüschale aus Bio-Flex® F 6611 für die Heißabfüllung

Are ants the answer to CO2 sequestration?

A 25-year-long study published in GEOLOGY on 14 July provides the first quantitative measurement of in situ calcium-magnesium silicate mineral dissolution by ants, termites, tree roots, and bare ground

Evonik invests in Biosynthetic Technologies

Biosynthetic Technologies markets innovative, biodegradable, high-performance lubricants

Evonik investiert in Biosynthetic Technologies

Biosynthetic Technologies vermarktet innovative, biologisch abbaubare Hochleistungsschmierstoffe

18 July 2014

Elevance and Genting enter new biorefinery collaboration

Elevance exclusively responsible for sale of all specialty chemicals produced at biorefinery

CO2 Solutions and Neumann Systems Group achieve breakthrough Carbon Capture results

Pilot project now to take place this year

VDB – Nach Kabinettsentscheidung: Biokraftstoffindustrie rechnet mit Absatzeinbruch

Neue Regelung erklärt Treibhausgaseinsparung eines Biokraftstoffs zum preisbestimmenden Merkmal

EcoPesticides signs licensing agreement with STC.UNM for Microbial Pesticide Technology

New Mexico-based company developing pesticides that use naturally occurring microorganisms to control a variety of insect pests

BMEL veröffentlicht neuen Förderschwerpunkt „Nachhaltige Waldwirtschaft“

FNR wirbt Forschungsprojekte ein, die Nachhaltigkeit und nachfrageorientierte Waldbewirtschaftung verbinden

Solar fuels: How close, how real?

Could a liquid fuel technology emerge that connects solar PV to the efficiency of electric engines — but, this time with long driving range and near-instant refueling instead of laborious recharging?

EU-Vorhaben “KACELLE” entwickelt neue Technologien zur Bioethanolproduktion aus Stroh

Ethanol auf Basis von Lignocellulose: Anlagenbau zur kommerziellen Produktion in Dänemark gestartet