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24 April 2014

Envision begins production of compostable, bio-based tablecloths

Seven different bioplastic table cloths for Susty Party

ILUC Unverifiable and Biofuels Economically Beneficial, Says IPCC

GRFA applauds UN for recognizing that ILUC theory has no ability to accurately predict future land use patterns

USDA Researchers Simplify Pyrolysis Processes for Bio-oil Production

ARS team filed patent application for new process named "Tail Gas Reactive Pyrolysis (TGRP)"

CannaVest Corp. Partners with Fifth Generation Colorado Farmer, Aims for September Harvest

Global Industrial Hemp Leader, CannaVest, Receives Permit to Grow Industrial Hemp in Colorado, the State Poised to Be the Leader in Development of Domestic Industrial Hemp Industry

UK’s LifeCycle Products selects Cardia Bioplastics as partner to develop its proprietary bag and waste management products for the UK market

UK’s LifeCycle Products designs, markets and distributes its proprietary bag and waste management products made by Cardia Bioplastics using Cardia Compostable and Biohybrid™ resin technology • LifeCycle Products and Cardia Bioplastics execute supply contract. Initial compostable product order of $65,000 placed for mid-2014 market launch. • Cardia Bioplastics doubles film and bag making capacity to meet increased demand for its finished products business

Study casts doubt on climate benefit of biofuels from corn residue

Biofuels from crop residue can reduce soil carbon and increase CO2 emissions

Oakbio and OSU Awarded $500,000 Grant to Develop System for production of Butanol and Plastics from CO2

Oakbio reveals ongoing n-Butanol and biofuels program in public announcement of their grant award for "Conversion of industrial CO2 emissions into biofuels and chemicals"

23 April 2014

TOP “Bio-based Material of the Year 2014” Innovation award presented to QMilch (Germany) at the 7th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

160 participants from more than 20 countries came together at the 7th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

TOP Innovationspreis „Biowerkstoff des Jahres 2014“ auf dem Kölner Biowerkstoff-Kongress an QMilch aus Deutschland

160 Teilnehmer aus über 20 Ländern trafen sich beim 7. Biowerkstoff-Kongress, einem der wichtigsten Branchentreffpunkte der Bio-basierten Ökonomie in Europa

Food – Fuel, Competition or Synergy?

Parallel study to analyse opinions, agreements and differences in a long lasting debate

Gevo inserts “going concern” statement in annual report

Existing working capital at December 31, 2013 not sufficient to meet the cash requirements

EC adopts new guidelines on renewable energy, biofuel support

Renewable Energy Association calling Commission’s guidelines a “huge leap into the unknown.”

Biologisch abbaubare Kunststoffe

Interpack 2014: AF-COLOR mit Masterbatches für Biokunststoffe auf Metabolix Messestand

Pflanzen – Grüne Fabriken der Zukunft

Wissenschaftler des Max-Planck-Instituts für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie (MPI-MP) werden im Rahmen der EU-Forschungsinitiative Disco für die nächsten vier Jahre mit 860.000 Euro gefördert um pflanzliche Ressourcen zu erschließen

22 April 2014

TOP Increasing interest in industrial hemp – fibres, shivs, seed & oil and pharmaceuticals

World's biggest conference on industrial hemp in Wesseling, Germany, 20-21 May, expects 200 participants from more than 20 countries

TOP Mikroplastik in der Umwelt

Quellen, Folgen und Lösungen - 1. Juli 2014, Maternushaus, Köln

TOP European Parliament vote on plastic bags confirms important contribution of compostable bags to enhanced biowaste collection

European Bioplastics supports the outcome of the vote and the corresponding provisions for compostable plastic carrier bags

TOP Abstimmung des Europäischen Parlaments bestätigt Bedeutung kompostierbarer Tragetaschen für verbesserte Bioabfallsammlung

European Bioplastics begrüßt das Abstimmungsergebnis und die damit einhergehenden Bestimmungen für kompostierbare Biokunststofftüten

Expert survey on bio-based products in support of the European Commission’s bioeconomy strategy!

Please share your expertise with us!

Wichtiger Schritt gegen die Spekulation mit Nahrungsmitteln

Europäisches Parlament stimmt neuer Finanzinstrumente-Richtlinie MiFID zu

EcoSynthetix to introduce expanded product range at PaperCon 2014

EcoSynthetix will introduce EcoSphere 2330, a new grade within the Company's flagship product range

Versatile Capsules

Multifunctional microcapsules made from metals and tannic acid  

Vielseitige Kapseln

Multifunktionale Mikrokapseln aus Metallen und Gerbsäure

17 April 2014

UK announces rules for small-scale biodiesel producers

Total quantity of raw materials and waste to be accepted under these rules must not exceed 2,000 tonnes per year

Mapping information sources for European farmers

EU-backed project PRO AKIS to help policy makers in finding ways to reach farmers with new information and advisory services

World Watch: Biofuel Production Declines

New Worldwatch Institute analysis examines the trends in global biofuel production

Sustainable biofuels done right offer innumerable benefits to society says UN IPCC report

Estimated ILUC emissions are “highly uncertain, unobservable, unverifiable, and dependent on assumed policy, economic contexts, and inputs used in the modeling”

Recommendation for the Use of Certification Systems by INRO

Success of INRO Activity Depends on Extension According to European Level

16 April 2014

Biome Bioplastics shortlisted in BusinessGreen Awards

Biodegradable coffee pod offering one of first sustainable packaging in the single-serve market

Biotechnologietage 2014: Branchentreff mit Besucherrekord

Thematische Akzente bei mariner Biotechnologie und Medizintechnik

Echtzeit NIR Analytik optimiert das Herstellungsverfahren von biobasierten Polymeren zur Lebensmittelverpackung

Analytica: Fraunhofer ICT präsentiert die vielseitigen Varianten des neuen Analyseverfahrens

Plastics Europe: Polymere im Spagat

"Bioabbaubare Kunststoffe lösen nicht das Vermüllungsproblem."

Bio-based chemicals: Rivertop Renewables has raised $26 million from Cargill and others investors

Rivertop to accelerate commercialization of novel, sustainable chemicals for consumer products and industrial applications

EU giving up on biofuel limits?

Biofuel subsidies will continue under new state-aid guidelines

Evonik presents new product family VISIOMER Terra

VISIOMER® Terra – methacrylate monomers based on renewable resources  

15 April 2014

Kommission Nachhaltiges Bauen am Umweltbundesamt gegründet

Interdisziplinäres Gremium berät UBA in fachlichen Fragen des nachhaltigen Bauens, wie beispielsweise zum Einsatz von umweltverträglichen Bauprodukten und ressourcenschonender Bauweisen

CRAiLAR Technologies Adds Hemp Fiber To Global Product Offering

Current customer base will be offered CRAiLAR® Hemp fiber for immediate availability

TOP Innovation Award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2014″

Qmilk, fischerwerke, Hemp Eco Systems together with ZinCo achieve the "Top 4" this season

QMilk takes home “Bio-based Material of the Year” Innovation Award

Company won first place in this year by an “overwhelming majority”

2014 glycerine supply to drop on lower FAME production

Several factors to drive FAME industry considering the importance of supplies for the glycerine sector

Universität Stuttgart: Von Pflanzenviren zu Biomaterialien

Geminiviren - aus der Not eine Tugend machen

P&G Sets New Sustainability Goal: No Deforestation in Its Palm Supply Chain

Company Commits to Work with Local Farmers to Improve Practices

Canada’s Leading Advocate for Renewable Fuels Unveils New Action Plan

CRFA Launches New Vision and Action plan for Canada's Renewable Fuels Industry and Ermerging Bioeconomy

14 April 2014

From Cologne the European bioindustry calls for a policy that encourages more biochemicals

Michael Carus: "RED hinders the development of material use and therefore that of the whole bio-based economy."

Syngenta in cellulosic fuel collaboration to increase ethanol plant productivity

ACE-Enogen® technology to enable ethanol plants in further progress to reduce natural gas usage, thereby improving carbon footprint

Erfolgreiche Tagung „Weichlaubholz – Ungenutztes Rohholzpotential“ des 3N e.V. am 27.03.2014 in Göttingen

Weichlaubholz eröffnet mit seinen unterschiedlichen Eigenschaften Chancen für spezifische technologische Anwendungen und neue Möglichkeiten für innovative Produktentwicklungen

Trees go high-tech: process turns cellulose into energy storage devices

OSU chemists found cellulose can be heated in a furnace in the presence of ammonia, and turned into the building blocks for supercapacitors

Weltweiter Agrarhandel kann Wasserstress mindern

PIK-Studie verweist Produktion wasserintensiver Güter dorthin, wo Wasser reichlich vorhanden ist

Maisacker statt artenreicher Wiese: Zustand landwirtschaftlicher Räume untersucht

Bundesweit: Flächen- und Qualitätsverluste haben zu drastischen Biotop-Einbußen geführt

Interpack 2014: FKuR extends its portfolio with Bio PET and Bio PA; a wide range of bioplastic products for the packaging industry

VESTAMID® Terra (Bio-PA) as well as GLOBIO to be presented at leading trade fair, for the first time